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Pacifix Consultants

Company Profile

Pacifix Consultants was founded in 2001 by Peter and Jane Cartwright, a husband and wife team. Peter is the Managing Director, and Jane the Company Secretary.

Peter has held a variety of very senior executive direct selling positions that span over 27 years, including a Holding Board position at Dorling Kindersley PLC. Peter was also the architect of the international expansion of Dorling Kindersley Family Learning that saw the company expand into 7 overseas markets, with an excess of 50,000 independent distributors worldwide.

Jane has been involved in Pacifix since its launch over 10 years ago and plays a very active role as Company Secretary, often accompanying Peter on overseas assignments.

How we work

Our specific areas of specialisation are top to toe business reviews for retail companies considering new channel entry and established direct selling companies. This can include working with PE firms considering potential direct selling company acquisitions or investment; International expansion strategy and implementation; Compensation plan architecture and review, and multi channel strategies.

However, we firmly believe that no one person or company can know everything! We have therefore built up a high quality network of expert associates across the globe to help us supply our clients with the best of breed solutions available. Whatever your need, be it IT, training, marketing, distributor compensation plan modelling, analysis and architecture or a myriad of other direct selling services, we have top quality people who can offer you the best advice and solutions available. All of this comes under the umbrella of Pacifix.

Added Value

In addition to offering best of breed services using the very best people and products available for your needs, we also provide a lot of added value. This includes regular after service follow ups, timely updates on industry trends, and putting clients in touch with like minded people and companies. We also offer an attractive range of pricing options to suit your needs and budgets.

Peter & Jane Cartwright

We were winners

Of DSA Partnership Award in 2006 and have been short listed for many awards since

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